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CMA, Comparative Market Analysis

We assist our clients in determining a value and thus offer a competitive suggested Listing Price for their property. Utilizing a thorough market analysis search which takes into consideration a number of market factors associated with primarily local, yet some national and of course, personal elements that impact as well as build their value proposition. Partnering in this process strengthens accuracy, understanding and productivity as collectively, we navigate the market and the competition that faces us. Setting specific objectives reap productivity and client satisfaction in tandem, as ultimate goals in the sale of your property are realized.


A Marketing Plan that Works

Formulating a tailored marketing plan for your property is essential. No two properties or related circumstances are alike. Utilizing a professional Listing Profile and nimble Listing Strategy starts with a proven Broker, proven Agent, and proven partnerships. That being said, we’ll craft a unique and proven plan for your property, where at the heart of that plan is our Listing Presentation Booklet attached through this link: HERE
Let’s get started today with a thorough and objective Home Evaluation as well as a current Market Status Report.


Price & Term Negotiations

As your agents, we accompany you throughout the process. Sellers should not conduct a transaction uninformed. As a part of your team, we do our best to keep you up to date on a variety of local market matters, situations, data, and related factors in support of your home-selling process. Helping you understand the scenario, formulating a strategy together, and negotiations, are all a part of our process. While you rely on us for our supportive role in this endeavor, the final decision(s) are ultimately up to you.


Inspections & Inspection Notice Negotiations

Price, Terms, Dates, Contingencies, Inclusions/Exclusions are key elements encompassed in the transaction negotiations, but of equal importance is the inspection process be it property-related documents and/or inspections specific to the property. We always advise our Sellers to be informed on the inspection process so they fully understand the impact that it can have on the overall transaction should inspections be requested by the Buyer and conducted on behalf of the Buyer as part of the initial Offer. Once an Offer goes to Contract, the inspection process could result in issues related to property conditions that require repair, replacement or some other type of remedial action requiring further negotiations. Property-related documents, if applicable, have an examination and objection timeline unto themselves, particularly condominium documents. We are highly effective in this role and adhere to the timelines associated with the inspection process.


Contract to Closing Process

The myriad of tasks, documents and delivery deadlines involved in a real estate transaction are partly coordinated through us, along with your involvement and those you deem a part of the transaction. From financing venues, legal counsel, inspectors, and others as required, we are here in support of one of the biggest, if not the biggest transaction, in your life.

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