Buyer's Guide


Financing Assistance

Cash Purchase or Financing Required? In either case, it is highly recommended that you consult with your Financial Advisor(s) to determine your level of “Purchase Comfort”. As challenging as the housing financial elements can sometimes be, especially if a mortgage is involved, acquiring a Letter of Pre-Approval, Letter of Pre-Qualification, and sometimes even documents confirming Proof-of-Funds is a great 1st step in advance of the property search and buying process. Having any or all of these documents at your fingertips prior to viewing potential property candidates, will allow you to be more nimble as well as responsive when you do narrow down the selection to your preferred piece of Paradise. If so desired, we have local sources to assist you accordingly.



An integral part of the Pre-Buying process, especially in Florida, is knowledge of and acquiring the needed insurances deemed necessary or as required, to assure yourself that you have the appropriate coverage and that you are adequately protected. If so desired, we have local sources to assist you accordingly.


Price & Term Negotiations

As your agent, we accompany you throughout the process. Buyers shouldn’t walk into a transaction uninformed. As a part of your team, we do our best to keep you up to date on a variety of local market matters, situations, data and related factors in support of your home buying process. Helping you understand the Buyer and Seller sides, formulating a strategy together and negotiations, are all a part of our process. While you rely on us for our supportive role in this endeavor, the final decision(s) are ultimately up to you.


Inspections & Inspection Notice Negotiations

Price, Terms, Dates, Contingencies, Inclusions/Exclusions are key elements encompassed in the transaction negotiations, but of equal importance is the inspection process be it property-related documents and/or inspections specific to the property. We always advise our Buyers to have inspections conducted on the selected property as part of the initial Offer. Once an Offer goes to Contract, the inspection process could result in issues related to property conditions that require repair, replacement or some other type of remedial action which will require further negotiations. Property-related documents, if applicable, have an examination and objection timeline unto themselves, particularly condominium documents. We are very effective in this role and adhere to the timelines associated with the inspection process.


Contract to Closing

The myriad of tasks, documents and delivery deadlines involved in a real estate transaction are coordinated by us, along with your involvement and those you deem a part of the transaction. From financing venues, legal counsel, inspectors and others as required, we are here in support of one of the biggest, if not the biggest transaction, in your life.

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